Sunday, November 1, 2009


Scrapbooking is a rather large part of my life. Not only am I busy creating my own pages for my memories, I also am a Independent Demonstrator for Close to my Heart.

I have been with them just about 2 years. March 2010, will mark that aniversary for me. This year I have taken on not only 1 but 2 scrapbooking clubs which are off and running. Very exciting for me. Creating pages and layouts for my members so they can take the pages home and just add pictures. But at the same time, using stamps and techniques to add embelishments to your pages.

Here are a few I have created in the last couple of months:
(these are without pictures yet and what my classes create)


  1. WOW those are AMAZING!! I scrapbook too BUT WOW yours make mine look AWEFUL!! LOL

  2. Very good work - This gives me some great ideas!!!

  3. Awesome work!! How do we contact you to sign up for classes or purchase products?

  4. If you are interesed is signing up, feel free to call me 403-660-5491 or e-mail me

    I have 2 clubs currently on the go and always have enough for 2 extra people each class.
    Class #1 - Every second Monday night
    Class #2 - Every third Tuesday night
    7pm - my home, Calgary, AB

    I will also do smaller classes or group requests as well.