Saturday, April 3, 2010

Persistence and Perseverance

Today started out a little slow. As Dad and I were unsure of what we were going to do. I'd seen and done quite a bit during the week while he was at work.
So.... after a late breakfast / brunch we hopped in the truck with Bandit and set off to a neighboring beach. Just to enjoy the nice day.

This is a backwards view of the beach. I was standing at the ocean where the tide was waaaaaaaaaaaaay out and a view of where we were parked.

We walked down the beach a little ways, just to see what else was out there, and sure enough I stumbled upon a Sand Dollar and a fairly large size snail shell. So cool.

While walking, we could hear some seals or sea lions barking somewhere off in the distance. So with not much other plan for today, dad and I decided to find these animals. He knew they were somewhere along the coast line, and we could see where we wanted to go across the water, so much easier with a boat, but hey a challenge to find it from land. So back to the truck and off we go.

Our drive took us a little ways around to Beachcomber Regional Park & Marina.

The Marina was across from the Seals / Sealions, but we were hoping my zoom lense on my camera, and the zoom on the video camera was going to be enough. Not quite though. But getting closer, at least know we know where they are and can hear them clearer.
One bonus to our stop was the sealife on the open rock with the tide out so far. Lots of starfish to get some more cool shots, and one of Bandit.

So after looking across the water, and looking at where we needed to go, back on the road and back a little bit. Into some very nice housing, we found a little walk out to a public beach. The beach didn't have much for sand, but lots and lots of pebble rocks. Making it quite difficut to walk on. Got a little different angle on the seal / sea lions.

Still not ready to give up yet, we are back on the road again. We find yet another access to a public beach at the end of a residential road. As we step out there is not much of a beach but rock, and lots of it. And we look around the edge. I look at Dad, he looks at me and says we could walk over and see them. Sure why not. Here we go.
These two photos are of the rock we were standing on and where abouts we needed to go, and then some.
We are going to get a good shot of these seal / sea lions.

After a 15-20 minute walk across the rock, and more rocks, and through mud and water, we made it to the sea lions. Barking oh so loundly, what a sound. And so many of them. The pictures never do it justice, but here's a few so you have a feel for what we did get to see.

So it may have taken dad and I 3-4 hours to find these Sea Lions, but it was well worth the effort. It was so cool. And to see so many of them, I didn't really know where to point the camera so there is A LOT for me to choose from when scrapbooking.

And we got back around 5, had a drink with a few of the neighbors, and FINALLY got around to the fresh crab I have been talking about all week.
We picked up the 3 crab at the French Marina yesterday before our Storm Watching adventure, but got back to late.
So tonight it was time to feast, and oh it was.
Here are a few pictures for you to drool over.

Here are just a few side pictures I have to also add in before dad "butchered" the crab. And a little history for you as to why I look a little aprehensive holding it.
About a year and a half ago a trip out to see mom and dad in Gibsons, we had fresh crab. Kinda a craving all of us get. Me getting into photography, and wanting all these pictures to scrapbook I had to get in a photo opportunity for me to get some great shots. Well let's hold the live crab, cool right. Well only so cool till the holder gets bit, cause the cameraman is taking too long, plus the crab was pretty fresh.
I was the holder and the crab reached down and pinched my middle finger. It got thrown to the ground really quickly, and I was in the trailer to get a bandaid. Once the shock wore off I was good to go, and he tasted soooo good that night.
So you can see why I do want to get the photo, but hurry up.
Thankfully this one tonight was on ice and quite dosile while holding so we got some great shots in.

So tomorrow is supposed to be rainy again, so we'll see what it brings. Right now, I'll be sleeping in as I am returning home on Monday, so a relaxing day tomorrow might suit me just fine, before I get back to my regularily busy scheduling.

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  1. I remember that like it was yesterday, I was just a rookie cameraman Leanne is the pro. Leanne wasnt to keen on the pictures that I had taken the first time so after I got my pictures taken with the crab Leanne wanted a couple better ones but, I was to late. I think the reason I was slow taking the picture was beacuse I was recovering from my encounter with that same crab, mind you I didnt get pinched but I did have to endure the flury of legs very pointy and it kinda shocked me I had no idea a crab could move that fast freaked me out, it had some kind of super powers I think, felt like it took the camerawoman for ever to take the picture I think she might have been laughing at me though, you should have seen my face LOL. You took some beautiful picture Leanne.