Monday, April 5, 2010

Last Day

So today is my last of 9 days visiting my dad, and they have definitely been filled and it's be so much fun. A very greatly needed vacation.

So an early morning for me as I had a little bit of last mintue shopping to do, and back down to the beach one more time. I went and got the last of my pictures.
A total of 1226 over 9 days, and you've only seen a small fraction on them. For me pretty normal.

This morning I took one last quick venture down to Qualicum Beach and watched the water. Tide was high this morning and got a couple shots of the small waves coming in.

A great little suprise on my last tour of Parksville, after stopping at the side of the road to get my pictures of the signs, I had to detour into a residential area to get turned around. And to a delightful suprise I seen 3 deer. One of which was a baby. So cute.

I am now back at the trailer packing, and blogging for you (and me really).
Looking back I am so glad that I've had this blog to write down my stories when they are fresh in my mind. It will definitely be coming in handy for later while I am scrapbooking, or sharing what I've done.

I will then be off to get a final seafood lunch before I leave and pick dad up from work. Then a 2 hr drive back down to Victoria to hop on a plane for home.
Hope you all enjoyed my vacation with me. I had so much fun.


  1. Great pics and stories Leanne! Looks like you had a great vaca! Hope you are back safe and sound now :)

  2. Ya gotta love Parksville! We got in a short visit with your Dad, while we were visiting some old friends that have moved there. We spent a lot of time on Lasqueti Island, many years ago, so know Parksville and French Creek really well.