Sunday, April 4, 2010

Walk through the Trees

The Rain today decided to hold up and wait till dinner, so we had the afternoon to adventure out one last time.
With today being Easter Sunday, and Sunday at that, not a whole lot was open, so we were limited to outside adventures again.

We've been passing MacMillan Provincial Park - Cathedra Grove, on numerous occasions and due to rain, were unable to stop, so that was the destination for today.

It was sunshining out when we started, which made it somewhat warm in the 10 degree weather today. And it was still warm under the tree cover.

As the sign says, some of the trees are more than 800 years old. There were a couple of storms to pass through, the latest being 2006 with that wild weather. So the tree's laying down were scattered everywhere, but the size of the trees still standing were unbeleivable.
Here's some of the images I captured:

This is "The Big Tree", and the largest in the park.

The park actually had 2 different paths, one on each side of the highway. These photos are from the "other" / second side we visited. The path is still being finished. But still some cool uprooted and extremely long / tall trees. Depending if they were still standing.

Near the end of our walk the rain was starting to come, so we were headed home. Put some turkey in the oven and relax. This BC Fresh air has been a lot for this girl to take in.
One more day before I'm outa here, and a little shopping to do yet tomorrow.

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