Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A day for the Animals

As I planned today's agenda I was rather ambitious:

1 - Butterfly World & Gardens
2 - Coombs & the Goats on the Roof
3 - World Parrot Refuge
4 - North Island Wildlife Recover & Education Center
5 - Englishman River Falls Provincial Park

A packed day, and the sun was out and shining once again.
After a quick Timmy's stop I was off and running and started at the Butterfly World.

Although slightly dissapointing, I think due to the time of year, it was still a good stop. I got a couple of good shots once I de-fogged my camera cause of the high humidity. Some of the animals as well as some of the flowers in the orchid gardens:

So after seeing a disappointing amount of butterflies, time to move to stop number 2.

At this point, I do need to fill you in that I have just noticed the battery in my camera is low. Quite low actually, and on red. So into the bag to get the back-up battery, in which I discover is also close to "DEAD". CRAP!!!! Oh well, one goes in the camera and one in my pocket, and I'll see how far I can stretch them out. Hopefully far as I have just finished stop 1 of 5 I planned on making throughout the day.

Stop #2: Coombs, BC - Goats on the Roof.

Well no really goats on the roofs as it is still too cold. Oh Well. Here are a couple photos of where the goats "will be" when it warms up a little more.

Coombs has the coolest little shops and fresh markets. Didn't buy anything, but was so cool to walk around inside. Slightly different than a normal grocery store. Very small town appeal to it.
The small shops hidden in the back off the road, were quite cute as well and lots of little trinkets inside. Found some great souviner items.

Camera is still going strong. Good!

Stop #3 - World Parrot Refuge

The Refuge is home for over 800 birds. It's extremely noisy but oh so cool to see them all. I don't know my birds that well, so your own your own for the identification of them. Sorry.
I did get a lot of "Hello's" from the Cockatoo's.

You enter the buidling through the middle, and then you walk down two separate hallways. At the end of the second hallway, is the room that has all the birds "loose".
For those that don't know me, I love animals, however I don't do overly well with Birds. And please keep in mind, I am on my own! So you walk down the middle walkway to birds behind wired fence. All is good. They are on one side, I am on the other, I am in CONTROL! For now.
The room at the end of the 2nd hallway still has me intruigeed though, and I'm not going to chicken out, so in I go...........

Awaiting the one "welcome" bird on the floor to get away from the door, I go in close the door, turn around, and POUNCE!!! right on my shoulder lands a cocatoo, I think!. A small yelp leaves my mouth, and I am just about frozen.
Take a few deep breaths, he's not gonna hurt me or get tangled in my hair, and phew, now I can do this...... just gotta figure out how / when he's going to get off.
Lots of cages in sight, and there is one shoulder hight, Perfect. lean over and off she gets. Panic is now semi gone.
Now I can step cautiously and check out some more.

This was my buddy for a little while and needed a little scratching. Oh so friendly.

So after my visit (and I've been in here about 10 minutes) and just about all alone, I figure I am doing really good.
And I start to head for the door, same door I came in, and sure enough the "guard" bird is back. He is between me and the door, no worries, seems all friendly and I've been safe and sound so far. Until now, the bird starts across the floor at me, so I stand still, sure enough he bites my shoe. What the Heck!!!!! So I back up, and he chases me. Oh crap, now how do I get out.
So I make a loop around the cages that are near the door, in hopes he's following me. Yes, it's working, so I snap a quick shot as I'm leaving (that's why it's a big blur) and slip out the door, unharmed, but after a few nibbles at my shoes.
I tell yeah. It's a good thing I am still laughing. But more in dis-beleivement than anything.

That's a lot of excitement for this girl, all on her own, so now a small re-group in the car, and off I go.

Battery on Camera, Still good.

Stop #4 - North Islad Wildlife Recover & Educational Center.

This was a very cool stop for me.
A self guided tour would take me to the:
Museum of Nature, Eagle Flight Cage, Black Bear Rehabilitation, Public Viewing, Wildlife Learning Ventre, Release Pong, Natural Trail and the Treatment Centre & Nursery.
The weather had been off and on all day, but was beautiful outside when I arrived. I really enjoyed the self tour, and just near the end of my trip, sure enough the Camera Crapped out. So here are some of the animals I was able to capture with the camera:

This is Sandor. He is a Bald Eagle with a very badly broken wing.
It's like half a wing so he hopped around a lot.

This is one of the two very nasty black swans.
Behind the fence, so I was safe. No worries there. But the one did nibble the fence as he approached, so on I moved. I wasn't about to get attacked again.

Here are the loose Canadian Geese, near the Release Pond.
A couple of really quick shots, and I was mighty brave considering, and all I could think of was America's Funniest Home Videos when all the kids get chased after, so on the move I was again.

Then there was an assorment of birds (pictures following) that I got to view through the caged off / fenced areas. All is well, and I was fortunate enough to get some good shots before the camera crapped out. There were about 4 different kinds of owls, which just fascinate me.

Unfortunately my camera battery died, so the hawk and Great Horned Owl was all I was able to capture.

So there ended my daily venture. Cut a little short, but okay. I headed back to the beach for some reading in the sunshine and watching the tide come in, before heading back for the evening for dinner with dad.

So tomorrow adventures:
Up early and back to the Wildlife Recover Center to finish capturing my photos. And this time taking my other lense. Hopefully to catch a few more images a little close as most of the birds were hiding in the back corner.
Then off to hike up to Englishman River Falls, to finish off the original agenda.

The rest of the day will hopefully take me to a really nice Oceanside restaurant for more seafood for lunch then on to Port Alberni, and to see what the town has in store for me.

Check back again as I will have the days journey's posted again.


  1. Sounds like you had a great time at the Parrot Refuge!! LOL!! I would have spent all fricken day in there! Mike, Kaylee and I went to a Parrot Rescue in Peachland (twice I might add), and we were there for a couple hours! I would have spent all day there though... If only they had a large bird rescue here, I would volunteer all the time!

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  3. Love the updates and the pics. Guard bird was cute!