Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Trip to see Dad.

At 6am on Sunday March 28th, I left a warm Calgary and flew into the Sydney Airport (Victoria) to come for a much needed visit with my Dad. Arrived to a very rainy arrival in flip flops, not such a good idea. So a needed change of footwear before we left, and the off to Chemainus to visit Ron & Norma, my dad's cousins.
We had a wonderful brunch and really good visit. A quick walk down to the beach with my cousin, who popped in for a suprise visit for his mom's birthday.
The Grenier family has quite a few March birthday, as my Dad's is on the 29th.

I was scrapbooking a couple weekends ago, and came across the photos of the last time we came out to Vancouver Island. Summer of 1991, 19 years ago. Way to long. And a lot has changed, but I cannot really remember it.

This is where my dad is staying in Parksville

This the the car I get to drive around in the next couple of days. A Toyota Yaris. I feel a little insignifigant, compaired to my regular truck. But it's a good little car and seems to be easy on the gas. Bonus for me.

The rain continued on through Monday the 29th, which was good, cause I needed a little catch up on my sleep. Funny how you need a holiday to get away and do that.
Between the rain in the afternoon, I got in a half hour walk down to the river in the RV Park. Got a couple of shots.

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  1. You have a great eye Leanne and quite the wordsmith I might add, your pictures and descriptions are great. I think they make the reader feel like they are walking right beside you. Well it does for me :)