Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A little sunnier day

So now that I have gotten my rental car, I am out and about to tour while dad is at work. The rain stopped, but the sun wasn't quite out but definitely looking brighter than the first two days. Picked up the car, quick lunch and headed to the Information Center to see what was around here to look at. Apparently quite a bit to fill by next 7 days. Good Deal.

Since I only had about 1/2 a day today, I decided to make a smaller drive and do a little bit of shopping. So off I headed to Qualicum Beach.
Uppon arrival, low tide was there so I got to walk out quite a ways. A little rocky but still so nice to be beside the ocean.

As you can tell, still a little gloomy / coudy out.

One of the suggestions from the information center was a stop at Morningstar Farm.
Little Qualicum Cheeseworks - Farmstead Artisan Cheese & Fine Fruit Wine


It's a cute little farm opperation deal, with a Self Guided Tour. I've seen most of it before so not new or crazy exciting or interesting, but there little signs posted for the visitors I really got a kick out of.

These are the welcome signs as you arrive:

You come in and park, and across the shop is the Kritter Korner:

"The Kritter Korner: The kingdom of the useless but cute animals. There are several kritters in here and in other places around the farm, not necessarily behind fences, like the cat and that black rabbit that escaped."

Stop 5 brings you to: "The old chicken coop: There are no free-range chicken here any more. This explains why modern farms raise chickens in cement unkers. Anyone with a skill for trapping racoons and mink is invited to submit a resume"
Of course with no chickens to take a picture of, I didn't take one. It's just a lot of mud there today, as there has been a bit of rain.

Here are some of the really cute signs I got photos of. Made me laugh:

After a walk around to see the displays of cow milking, cheese making and the 19 check points around the farm, the store has some wine tasting /sampling to be done.
A selection of 9 MooBerry Wines and 2 Fortified Dessert Wines.
As I was the only one with me on this tour, I had to make my selections wisely as I could only sample a select few.
Starting with dry I sampled the Peach, yummy. Then went to the sweetest choice the Raspberry. Even Yummier.
And with a Blackberry Dessert wine, I couldn't not try it, and SOLD!! That's right. So awesome, so bought a bottle. Not sure if it's going to make it home or not. Time will tell.

To wrap up my adventurous first day out, I grabbed an ice cream and sat and watched the ocean at Parksville Bay. Very peacefull and relaxing.

Then back to the trailer to have dinner with dad, and a very generous helping of Shrip. MMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!

Adventure to be continued.........

And while awaiting a yummy dinner, I got to see the local RV park bunnies. Oh so cute. There is a white one as well, but I didn't see him today.

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  1. I'm a guru for marketing - so I loved the farms touristy signs! Thanks for sharing - have a fabulous visit with your Dad and extended family Leanne.