Friday, December 17, 2010

Best Gift Ever

This year I turned 29, and no I am not holding nor will I stay. It's the age where no one really beleives you when you tell them.

If you know me, my Birthday is a pretty BIG deal. And this year was definitely no different. Counting down from Nov 1st........right through till the big day, and having no reservations of telling people "It's my Birthday Today".
I made it, and had an amazing day. Best yet so far, and it's gonna be a little hard to top I think.

I have met and re-connected with a lot of people over this past year, and had a lot of inquiries about what I was going to do. The weekend was again, as normal, a really busy one for me with a Rodeo Casino Fundraiser, working at Bass Pro and Volunteer Dinner with the Ag Society. And Sunday is usually a pretty restful day for me if I can make it happen.

A really good friend of mine suggested the most perfect day, a manicure & pedicure follwed by dinner. No hesitation I was in. We met at a fabulous place down on MacLeod Trail and I had my toes and fingers painted a very deep purple, with a cute little flower and rhinestone on the big toe. So cute. If you can remember the weather it was snowing right prior and quite chilly. It didn't stop us from putting on the flipflops, to protect the "wet paint" and making our way for an early dinner at Jack Astors.
Fabulous Food again and amazing company (Your the best Darlene) I had a great day.

As I am driving home from dinner, my birthday phone call came from my mom. The ones from mom and dad always make my day. Talked to her for about 20 mins, and made the rest of the treck home.
My sister happened to be home this evening, unusual for us and a unfamiliar car in the driveway. Claimed to be a friend of her's she was going to see Harry Potter with later that evening.

I walked down the hallway and of course had to show off the new paint job, so up on the table my one foot went, "See how pretty they are". And from around the corner in the kitchen was the best surprise present in the world for this girl. My mom flew in just for me. I had absolutely no idea.
I got to spend 3 wonderful days with her and it was an amazing start to my 29th year. Thanks mom, LOVE YOU SO MUCH.

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