Sunday, December 26, 2010

And we FEAST!!!!!!

So since my arrival to Parksville, BC the only change in weather is how hard the rain has been coming down.

Max Temp: 10.8 °C
Max Temp.Date: Dec.25 2010

Min temp: 4.5 °C
Min Temp. Date: Dec.23 2010

Precip Accumulation: 65.6 mm

So not a lot of outdoor activities to be done, however the Food has been amazing. # major feasts of some very rich tasty food.

1 - While shopping for groceries, we stumbled upon some pretty good deals on some more seafood. (we already picked up the crab and scallops for Christmas Dinner). So why not do crab twice. Plus Shrimp
Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm GOOD!!!!

2 - One staple on Christmas that has never changed (as long as I can remember) has been our BIG breakfast/brunch on X-mas Morning. And this was no different, and not short on Mickey Mouse Pancakes.

And also Dad's family tradition of Oysters cannot be missed either.

So after Breakfast, looking at the soggy ground (no changes) I seen the RV Park Bunnies. I seen them as little babies on my first visit in March, and man have they grown, but still so cute, and the White one has got some cool colouring on it.

And with the Rain hanging around, we stuck around the trailer all day. Opened a couple gifts, fixing/upgrading my computer and watching Dad's new gift. Blue-Ray DVD Player, and we watched Despicable Me.

So Feast # 3 -
Fresh Crab, Bacon Wrapped Scallops and Roast Potatoes. YUMMY!!!!
And man were we full after. But so amazing.

And it wouldn't be a Crab dinner with me and my camera with out the classic shots of "preparing" (butchering really)

Despite the rainy weather, the holidays with Dad has been everything I wanted for Christmas. And the rest and relaxation is exactly what I needed, even if it wasn't on the agenda.

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