Monday, December 27, 2010

One last day

One last day before I head back to the main land and travel back home.
I woke up to no rain on the roof of the trailer and I was extremely hopefully and wishfull that it would hold out all day. I still very much enjoyed the rest and was in no hurry so didn't head out till early afternoon, but the plan is up to Campbell River, Comox & Courtenay area.

A bit of a drive, but an area I didn't get to see last trip out here.
The weather heald out, not sun shining, but bright with could cover. Through Qualicum beach on onto the highway, I didn't hit rain till I was out, but it was light, and who knows it can change right??

So I got to Campbell River, and it was looking okay. Spitting but not pouring. YEAH!!

First stop always for me is the visitor information center for a persons personal opinion on what to see while there. I pulled up and it looked a little dark inside and sure enough CLOSED. Who the heck closes a visitors station over the holidays. Closed till the 3rd, so I was on my own. So I decided to drive along the coast, see what I could find. The water was pretty high along the coast line and the drive along OceanSide Trail.

So I stopped a couple of times along the way and got some pictures. They did turn out brighter that it actually was outside as the rain was starting to pick up.

About half way down my drive I noticed a Museum and thought hey, if it's raining I'll go indoor.
However, upon arrival and after pulling into a very empty parking lot, I found the hours sign. Well not closed with the hoidays, however Closed on Mondays.
So apparently not my turn to see a lot. But then again it's not really tourist season.

So I continued back into town to find a marina to check out. The rain started coming down harder, so grabbed a couple quick shots, and then to find a Tim Hortons and head back.

I decided I didn't feel like getting to wet, so back on the road and took the side road, Oceanview Road back to Parksville. In the daylight, it would be a beautiful drive, and I did get to see a little bit of it, but we are in the shortest times of the year right now.
But along the way back, did see a gas station at $1.09 (Score) only needed 1/2 a tank but filled up cheap. BC Cheap anyway.

So now back in the trailer, and packing up getting ready to hit the road tomorrow. Looking at schedules and thinking of what I want to get done, it's gonna be an early start for me.

Plan, up at 6:30am.
On the Road by 7am.
Ferry sails at 8:30am
Then a stop at the Vancouver Aquarium and meeting up with a friend, then home to Calgary.

And yes I will drive safe, I'll stop if I'm tired, and will take my tame.
Thanks all you mom's and dad's worrying.

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