Thursday, December 23, 2010

Off to the Island

I left for the Island at 10am on the 22nd. 2 Ferries to catch, it was going to be a long day. And as they don't have very many Ferries leaving for the second strech I had to time it right and plan ahead.

Ferry 1 - Departure at 12:20pm
Earls Cover to Saltery Bay

I made it there with about an hour to go, but I wasn't about to miss it, and early is always better. And being early I was 3rd on and got to see where we were headed as it was quite open, and took in the 40 mintues of Beautiful Scenery.

Ferry 2 - Departure at 5:15pm
Powell River to Comox

We unloaded pretty quickly and it was a quick 30 minute drive up to Powell River. Didn't realize it would be so quick, so found the information center to see if there was anything I could do till I needed to head for the line up.
I was informed of a couple of walks and an option to drive about 20 mintues up to Eagle River Falls, so that peaked my interested.

I found a little sports pub for something quick to eat, and then headed on the trek to make sure I had enough time to get back.
The Falls were unmarked and a gravel side road takes you down under the bridge, and it's about a 10 mintue walk, this is what I was told.
I arrived drove across the bridge and headed down to water soaked leaves and a dirt trail. After putting the truck in 4x4 to be safe and stepping out in the constantly running stream, I looked down the path and debated wether I should continue or not. If I get down, can I get back up?????
After about 2 mintues I decided against it, and hopped back in the truck.
Here is a photo of the falls to give you an idea of what I passed up.

So I headed back to Powell River, grabbed a quick Timmie's and then off to the Ferry for about an hours wait.

Travelling during the shortest days of the year SUCKS!!! But Christmas with Family is definitely worth it.
Onto the Ferry, for an hour 20 minute trip to the Island. Had a nice nap, reading, and back down to the truck for docking. I HATE This part. You can't see anything, and make me feel queasy. But I made it. Phewf!

Into Comox, and thanks again to my GPS, made it through and down to Parksville, in the dark, in about an hour. Had clear roads and not a lot of traffic.

Got in some really good visiting with Dad again, and called it a night.
Woke up a few times listening to the Rain on the trailer, thinking this is so wrong. It's Christmas and there should be snow, but apparently I left it all in Calgary.
Woke up a few times during the night, and got up to constant rain today. It definitely wasn't going to be a great day for sightseeing, but on the road again.

Today I decided to go to Chemanius, BC. It's a cute little town, and it was a quick visit there last time so I wanted to hit the shops. So in the rain I walked up and down the Old part of town and just enjoyed an hour. Cute little places.
With all the rain I left the Camera in the truck. But here is a few I found online.
Little town kinda famous for there murals on the sides of Buildings.

Apparently more rain for the next few days, but I'll get some more attractions in.

And it's a good day I got the traveling done, as the ferries I took yesterday were all cancled today, or delayed.

Total KM's : 1403.7

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