Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Day 2 - A little more driving to go

The plan this morning was to go for a Snow Shoe. Unfortunately we weren't able to, but it is on the agenda for another time. Big White was beatiful and I am definitely going to be going back up for some skiing and winter sports.

Before I headed out, I headed up to see the Village in the day time to see what was up in the morning and get a Heavenly Hot Chocolate for the Road.

So down the mountin and getting to see it in the daytime was just as pretty. Just had more light to see more. Snow covered all the trees. It was awesome

So back into Kelowna grabbed a quick bite to eat and off I went on HWY 97A (I think). It was about an hour to Merritt and no stops along the way. It wasn't near as sunny as yesterday so I wasn't sure what to expect, but this was the worst weather I hit the whole trip. But I made it and thankful to some great tunes. Here's what I drove in for an hour.

There sure wasn't much traffic heading in the same direction as me, but I made it. Back tracked about 4km to Merritt, fueled up and grabbed a timmies, and off to the Ocean I go. Getting closer.
Traffice was good, and the road conditions even through the coke, turned out to be pretty good. So smooth sailing, road dried up, then I hit Coquitlam and the rain...... then came Vancouver and CONSTRUCTION on top of the rain. Added about 20 mintues to my drive, but I made it. WOW.
So I hit all 4 seasons I think on the way here, but I am here, safe and sound, and pretty excited to get relaxing.

I pulled up to the ferry about 6:30, and only had an hour wait till the next sailing, and it wasn't even 1/2 full. Pulled up, parked and out I get to go to the top deck as to not get sick in my truck, and sure enough, take a deep breath in and that salt sea air, I MADE IT. YEAH!!!!!
Up to the top deck, and let me tell you so weird to travel on the ocean when you can't see a damn thing out the window. Some lights off to the distance, but sucked, specially for me as I love having the window seat always.

Off the Ferry to the Blackfish Pub to meet mom for dinner, and all is well. Amazing food, and Seafood meals, here I come.

Total Km's : 1167.4km
Total Hrs : 9hr (still taking my time)

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