Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Some Hang Time with Mom

The last 3 days I've spent Hanging with Mom, shopping, seeing some sights and enjoying this raining Sunshine Coast.

Event #1 - Snowshoeing at Dakota Ridege (still not sure the name of the mountain)

They provide rentals, and the truck ride up as it is HIGHLY suggested you need 4x4 and chains to get up there. And why not just let someone else do the driving, I've been on the road pretty secluded for a few days. I was more than happy passing off that responsibility.

The custom altered bus/van got us up to some beautiful sunshine and so much snow. It was georgeous.
Our Driver Jamie, got mom and I hooked up in our Snowshoes (as our first time we had no idea) and up to the map where we got a few of Jamies suggestions.

So after getting our quick rundown, here we go, and got so see some amazing views, and breat taking paths of untouched snow just a few paths. Here are a few of the shots along the way.

As we made the 1/2 way point, the trees open up and you get this amazing view. It reminded me of a scene out of The Grinch Movie, Whoville. Chirstmas I know. But it was amazing. We stood there for a bit taking it all in.

So mom and I had up hill and straight figgured out pretty good. Downhill, was a little trickier. First attempt, I went first and kinda skiied down on my bum. Don't know what attempt mom was trying here, didn't turn out so well either.

We made it back to the hut and rested till the the van was ready to leave again. We had a great hike but didn't feel ambitious enough to make the other circle. But the weather was beautiful and the sun was out all day. It was an amazing day.

After a big day of fresh air we headed back for a quick warmup, out for dinner and a nap and veg on the couch that night. Perfect way to spend a Sunday.

Monday was pretty quiet as well. Sleeping in a little, a little shopping, dinner out followed with a puzzle and movie. Worked quite well for me and mom.

Tuesday we planned a little more. My last trip to to Gibsons/Roberts Creek we spent the day hiking and watching the Skookumchuck Narrows. It's the narrowest section of where the water passes through creating these amzing currents and actually changes directions depending on high and low tide.
Dec 21st being the shortest day of the year, and it also being winter, the change and water wouldn't be quite as spectacular, but the walk out is awesome and we figured why not. So in a little bit of rain, we made the hour drive out and had another amazing day out in the fresh air. Who would have ever imagined growing up in Alberta, to be walking in a spring coat right before Christmas. It was great.

It's back on the road tomorrow. 2 ferry rides, approximately 2hrs & 40 mintues, plus driving time.

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  1. Stunning! Glad you made it out snow- shoeing . Looks a lil cold! Good thing you and your ma wrapped up warm!