Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas on the West Coast

So I am off again for another adventure to the West Coast. This time to spend the Holidays with mom and dad. I am pretty stoked and have been talking about it for quite some time. 11 days away from home.

I am leaving later this morning, as I am still up getting things organized, as I work well last minute and definitely better under pressure. I guess.

And yes I am driving, and yes I will be very carefull. I have had numerous "MOM's" telling me what to pack and take with me in case of emergencies and snow.

Part 1 will be the almost 9 hr drive to Merritt, BC, with hopefully some stops along the way for some amazing scenery shots. I have a lot of time, so I am going to be enjoying the drive.

Part 2 will be on Saturday morning as I finish the treck to make it to Mom's in Roberts Creek. The only plan so far is Snow Shoeing on Sunday. Don't know exactly where. Don't care, just excited. First time ever, and I bought new winter boots (at a really good Bass Pro discount/giftcard deal I might add).
The rest we will play by ear, and do whatever that day brings upon us.

Part 3 will be my 2 ferry ride over to the Island to Parksville to spend Christmas with my Daddy this year. Just me and him, and crab for dinner. I can't wait.
No plans as of yet there either.

I apparently like to give myself and them a challenge and travel during off tourist seasons to make it a challenge to find what is open for sightseeing again. But I am up for it, as there is so much more to see out there.

My IPod is loaded with some good tunes and I've got snacks and my Camera ready to go. Now off to get some sleep. And stay posted, as I will do daily updates to let you know of my travels (safe arrivals) and also for my memory when it comes around to finally scrapbooking these memories/photos. An online Journal/Story, incase my memory fails me. Hasn't yet however.

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  1. Merry Christmas! Drive safe and I hope you have a great holiday!