Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Last Leg - Trip Home

There always has to be a last day, which means time to head home.

Up at 6:30am - CHECK
On the Road by 7am - CHECK
Ferry sails at 8:30am - CHECK

With an extremely early start, Tim Hortons was definitely the first stop, and not the only Timmie's for the trip. A warm tea & food in my tummy, and the last Ferry ride, Thankfully in the sunshine, I could see the ocean and enjoy watching the waves it was back to the mainland.

A girlfriend of mine had just recently moved to Vancouver, and thanks to Facebook, we arranged to meet up at the Vancouver Aquarium before I headed home. I long awaited visit for us.

I must have been only 10, or even younger since my last trip there during one of our family summer holidays, so I was pretty excited. Plus I was finally seeing some sunshine instead of rain (SUPER EXCITED), camera in hand, Tori and I headed in. Here are a few of the animals we seen, and there was a showcase / feater with belugas. So cool.

It was a beautiful day out and a great trip to the aquarium with a great friend. It would have been nice to have a little more time, but home was still about a 12 hr drive, so time to get moving.

The weather was still really nice, and so nice to be able to wear sunglasses again, until I started to reach the Coquihalla. The clouds were coming in, and you could tell it had definitely snowed / rained since I came through the first time.

It was a fun drive and was it sure every muddy and messy. An interesting spray pattern from the other vehicles on the road as well. Insead of hitting the lower half of my truck, the spray was pretty much windows up.
So straight to a Merritt Gas station to clean my very messy unclear windows.

Still daylight, on towards Kamloops for some dinner, and another Timmie's.

The roads and weather was amazing the rest of the way. The snow that had fallen in the past 12 days was untouched and looked amazing in the clear moonlight on the trip home. It was even snowing for me when I reached Calgary. Must have known I missed it and was happy to see it instead of the rain.

Pulled into the drive at home at 2:30 am on Wednesday Dec 29, 2010.
Total Km's - 2,872.8

Home safe and sound and some amazingly wonderful memories again. A much needed trip an amazing Christmas 2010.

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