Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Here We Go

So day 1, didn't get to bed till late, so sleeping in was definitely my first thing. However I was still up early and on the road (well out of the driveway) by 11am.

Checking my e-mail first thing was definitely a good thing as my plans for my overnight stay was about to change. After posting my first blog, with my agenda, I got an e-mail in the morning from my Auntie Dennine saying that instead of Merritt I should stop in and bunk with them in Big White. With no hesitation at all, a couple of phone calls to tell mom and dad, I was now headed on a small detour.

But before I get there, anyone who knows me really well, or has travelled with me, know that I don't usually get the first eye on the Wildlife. However, on my own just outside of the last turnoff for Banff.......

I see 5 caribou lying down. Soooooo Cool

So I kept on trucking and not much else for excitement on the rest of my drive up to Kelowna, and then up & up & up & up & up & up & up to Big White Resort.
It was about 6pm ish when I reached Kelowna so the treck up was in the dark, but it was such a clear night and so close to a full moon it was so bright out. It was about a 30-45 minute treck up. As you pull up to the resort, there is an amazing welcoming atmosphere as there are Christmas lights up and it's all lit up like a village. So warming.

Auntie Dennine had to head down the mountain to pick up Uncle Marty and Matt, and Austin was already vegging in the condo with me. A quick bite to eat and then up the Gondola to the village to check things out.

We were in a bit of a hurry and I forgot to grab the camera, but it looked like a scene out of a Christmas movie. Like santa's workshop with elves. So cool. We were on the hunt for this AMAZING Heavenly Hot Chocolate, but unfortnately missed it as we were a little late. But found a pub on the lower level that made us some that hit the spot. We took a quick walk around at all the little shops (which were closed of course) but so cool looking.
Back to the condo and off to bed for a possible morning of Snow Shoeing.
Pretty Excited.

Total KM's : 659.9
Total Time : 8hr 45 mins (I like to take my time)



  1. Those are elk!! No caribou in these parts!

  2. thanks for the correction.
    I was hopefull I guess and was wondering. The large horns threw me off.